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We Are The Sum Of The Choices We Make

Never give up, never give up, never give up sings Gypsy Soul singer Cilette Swann.  We are truly the sum of the choices we make in life.  The song you will listen to below invites us to wake up from our slumber and ask these questions:

Do I give enough?

Do I love enough?

Do I trust enough?

Do I risk enough?

Did I ever give up on anyone?

Questions to not only ask ourselves frequently, but vibrantly, passionately,  and mindfully live in order to be able to say YES! to all but the last question!!

Addendum: “Did I allow myself to receive enough” for all of you women out there that have given until you had nothing left to live your life with….

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Trusting Your Natural Inner GPS – Be The Change

This last week I was in Austin, Texas exploring the possibility of relocating there from Oregon.  What has led me to check out this particular place has been an innate guidance system inside that has consistently informed me when I am on track for what is sometimes referred to as the Divine Design of ones life.

I haven’t always trusted this innate system, which is often called our intuition, or guidance from the heart – our feelings.  In fact, on this very trip there was a choice that I made that was completely separate from my own GPS – and it was made vividly clear that I was “going the wrong direction”. ( For more on this experience go to NaturalWealthJournal.com to the post “Negotiating The Overpass – Creating Another Game” )

Wouldn’t you pay attention if the GPS in your car came on and said “What the heck do you think you are doing??  I told you not to go here and you didn’t listen!  Now you are lost in a game that is not of your own creation.   You weren’t supposed to be here in the first place, and I insist that you pay attention to me NOW!”

Well, we all know that the GPS system in our cars (and within us) is  much more polite than that, and when we do make errors in the direction that will get us to where we are to go, it kindly (yet sometimes quite strongly!) gives us alternatives to follow.   We are always well taken care of in that way and we trust that we will always get to where we want to go when we are paying attention. Lapses in this attention pay off in lessons well learned – like course corrections.

I am here to tell you that your own inner GPS system is just like that if only listened to and trusted.  This guidance comes from the messages of the heart – our feelings – and our intuition which never – I mean never – steers us wrong.  What if you trusted that your life is unfolding in a natural manner and you took all actions from that inner GPS?

Here is what my friend Richard Cawte says about this:  “Keep driving.  Trust the pilot.  The pilot is the part of you inextricably in tune with the brushtrokes…as well as the pots of gold…and the seamless electrical circuit that brings health to your cells…It’s you, God, everything.  At the same time, it’s each atom in each cell of your body.  Trust in that intricate design, much as you trust your lungs to inflate with the next breath, and the next…There is PLENTY OF OXYGEN for us all…”

So, I leave you now to play with your own innate GPS.  In order to Be The Change we must listen, trust and take action from this unique wise inner director….or have an experience that reminds us what it feels like to be “lost” in someone else’s game.  It’s all good!

Be The Change by Gypsy Soul




Our Life Is Our Art

Margaret Warfield ~ Artist http://www.margaretwarfield.com

You will find Dewitt Jones on my other blog post this week since he, and what he has created in his life – and continues to expand into – has made such a great impact for me. The title of this blog post is actually a quote from him from his recent interview done with Sheila Finkelstein of Picture To Ponder.

In that interview he said, “taking time to fill your cup every day is an act of creative selfishness.”  If we can see our creativity as  a way to “fall in love with our world” instead of something that other people are judging, then we are well on our way to being authentic in our expression.

That shift in consciousness around our very individual and unique contribution to the world – whatever it is – can not only enliven us, but has the potential to enhance life for other living things as well.

We are connected to something way larger than we are. The energy of passion drives everything and there is something to celebrate in each day.  Our life is our art!

Listen to WHO by Gypsy Soul below, an incredible group from Ashland, Oregon. We are the sum of the choices we make!
This single is the stridently independent Gypsy Soul playing in Seattle’s Triple Door Theatre – part of their Live DVD

But if you are gonna fail, fail for who you are rather than failing while trying to be good at what other artists and writers have been good at. Fail looking for the truth rather than because you tried to avoid it.

Recognize your beauty, submerge yourself in it, and create out of it.”
Archibald Campbell, Wild Artist, Heron Dance www.herondance.org

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