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Our Life Is Our Art!

Margaret Warfield ~ Artist http://www.margaretwarfield.com

In an interview with beloved photographer Dewitt Jones he said, “taking time to fill your cup every day is an act of creative selfishness.

If we can see our creativity as a way to “fall in love with our world” instead of something that other people are judging, then we are well on our way to being authentic in our expression.

That shift in consciousness around our very individual and unique contribution to the world – whatever it is – can not only enliven us, but can awaken other living beings as we touch their lives.

We are connected to something much larger than we are.

The energy of passion, the deepest of reflection or even the sacred suffering that everyone experiences at times in their lives, holds the reminder to embrace the celebration of wholeness that is held within each day.

Our life is our art!

Listen to WHO by Gypsy Soul below, a distinctively unique group from Ashland, Oregon. We are the sum of the choices we make! This single is the stridently independent Gypsy Soul playing in Seattle’s Triple Door Theater:


But if you are gonna fail, fail for who you are rather than failing while trying to be good at what other artists and writers have been good at. Fail looking for the truth rather than because you tried to avoid it.

 Recognize your beauty, submerge yourself in it, and create out of it.” ~Archibald Campbell, Wild Artist

Gaye Abbott, 7/23/19



Breathing Spaces



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