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Sarah "Paddy" Jones

There is a extremely contracted template for aging in our Western culture…and I, for one,  am here to expand and redefine it – or possibly not to define it at all, but to say let us live our days/our years in a celebratory way! After all, if we weren’t aging, we would be dead!


When I come across examples of women who are living their passion well into their later years, I pay attention. These women are inspirations for us.  They awaken possibility within our hearts, minds and bodies, and remind us that each moment of this precious life is here for exploring and living with all the passion we can possibly express and create.  These possibilities are actually unlimited.

There is a lot of “press” these days about “letting go” of the constructs and habitual patterns that have kept us locked into an oftentimes “deadly” repetitive replay of a safe way of living,  while resisting the changes that are mounting around us and the whispers of our heart and soul that beckon us to “please come out and play!”  Sometimes this work seems daunting and we struggle with the back and forth between an assumed “safety” (most often conjured up by our rational minds) –  and heart and soul freedom.  In fact this is my passage and that of many others right now.

What if it was easier?  What if we just merely accepted that we hold within us the Divine spark already and that we were meant to be full expressions of our deepest creative, sensual,  and soulful natures.  In that case all we would need to do is say YES!  This is a YES! with no rational mind limitations.   This is a YES! that says I am deeply interconnected and an important part of the whole.  This is a YES! that says NOW is my time….and the next moment, and the next, and the next.   The path may be strewn with unusual and sometimes challenging experiences…but they all can be seen and accepted as an invitation to live and breathe with the fullest expression that we are capable of in the moment.

Growing up I loved to watch the passion and art of dancing, and still love it…as well as dancing myself whenever I can.  A couple of years ago now I took Cuban Salsa lessons for a year and even though I found myself going the wrong direction in the rueda (circle) at times under the Spanish verbal and hand sign direction of the teacher – my body, heart and soul sang with pleasure in every step and shake of my body.

When this video came to me I knew that it must be shared with you.  Here is Sarah “Paddy” Jones, a 75 year old British lady who is still living her passion!  Wonder if you will shed tears as I did witnessing her come to radical aliveness on stage??!  Is this how alive you would like to be at this age – any age?? I know that I would!!!!  If not NOW, when???

The video below is misnamed on top, so please disregard the title of Ginger Rogers who died when she was 83.  Sarah “Paddy” Jones is British and living in Spain. She took up dancing 5 years ago after the death of her husband. She has seven grandchildren.

This second video is less performance oriented and more into the heart and soul of “Paddy”!




Busting Loose From The Aging Game

72 year old Ernestine tells it like it is in this video!  At this writing I believe that she is now 73 years old and still going strong.  This didn’t happen overnight for her.  What it took was daily commitment to her health and fitness, and an inner faith that she could change her life for the better…and in turn change many other women’s lives as well.

A new friend and I had breakfast this morning and we were discussing the manner in which our generation is aging.  Some of you may have read Busting Loose From The Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld.  Well, my friend Lorraine came up with Busting Loose From the Aging Game. In other words, we get to choose and create how we play the aging game and what kind of “rules” we want to live by.  What fun!!

For example, Ernestine started out when she was 56 years old.  Going shopping for bathing suits with her sister for a pool party they were invited to, both of them realized that they definitely wanted to look a little bit different than what they saw in the mirror.  They were taking on the aging game of their generation, and both decided to invent a new one!

Beginning with an aerobics class, they both started to feel better and look better.  It wasn’t however, until Ernestine’s sister died suddenly of an brain aneurysm, that Ernestine decided to commit to much more than she had been doing to work through the grief over her sister’s passing.  Now 17 years later, at age 73, she runs 80 miles a week, lifts weights most days, can bench press 150 pounds, has completed 8 marathons, and teaches other women how to believe in themselves, find health, vitality and empowerment, and create a different game for aging. 

If we create our reality, and I believe that we do, then what kind of aging game would you like to create?? It will be uniquely your own…so ready, start, GO!!

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