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Dazzled In Reflection


Every day I walk into the world to be dazzled then to be reflective.”  ~Mary Oliver

What if this was a mantra for the day as we opened our eyes to a fresh and pure day unencumbered by yesterday or the day to come?

Ready to be dazzled and in awe of even the simplest ordinary moments we experience. Open to creating from the wellspring of possibilities born out of the spiral of reflection.

Even this morning I find immense pleasure in the cup of hot jasmine tea flowing from my lavender teapot –  it’s elegant golden sweet and simply jasmine aroma and taste, seductively and peacefully lulling me into this one single moment.

The green tea jasmine pearls coming from far away in the Fujian Province of China. The hand rolled pearls are dried then blended with unopened night-blooming jasmine flowers.  Over the course of a night, the flowers open and release their aroma into the tea flavoring it and giving it the heady scent.  The next morning the flowers are removed and the operation is done all over again – up to six times for high quality jasmine teas!fujian-province-chinaThis is art pure and simple. From cultivating, harvesting and preparing these delicate small pearls that clink as I drop a few into my teapot.  I watch them unfurl – literally blooming before my eyes – to their full embodied leaf form as they merge with the hot water I pour over them.

Sweet local raw wildflower honey – natures liquid gold –  joins with the already brewing elements and creates a masterpiece worthy of “being dazzled”. Slowly sipping from the deep, dark red ceramic cup nature embraces the moment.

How has mindful reflection changed this moment in time?

Open to being dazzled, shifting ordinary moments to rich extraordinary ones you will never quite forget as reflection expands awareness in an ever deepening spiral.


Copyright Gaye Abbott, 9/22/19










In a gentle way you can shake the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

Attending to life is a sacred act of love.

A few weeks ago I visited my home town of San Diego, California in the beach area of Ocean Beach/Point Loma where I was born, raised and brought three sons into the world – with the purpose of spending time with family still living there.

It was like living my life backwards with so many memories arising as I walked my old haunts and the hard packed sand at the waters edge.  On one of these walks I reflected on my entry experience at the airport a day before.

Since it had been decades since I flew into San Diego I found the airport not only larger, but more complex in an organized way.  One of the improvements being that car rentals were now in one building in back of the airport.  To reach this building one needed to ride the 11-minute shuttle to get there.

As the door opened for the shuttle bus I was to ride a beautiful African American woman stepped down from the front of the bus onto the sidewalk with a huge smile on her face and greeted us all with an immense inviting and loving energy, calling us precious as she took our luggage and lifted it into the designated spots within the bus.

As another woman sat down next to me she turned and with a smile on her face said to me, “I’ve never been called precious before!”  In just that one gentle way our bus driver had opened up and connected this woman to herself and to me.

It did not stop there!  Once the bus was loaded and the driver had greeted everyone and stowed their luggage we were under way to the car rental building.  As you know, travel can be stressful and sometimes the purpose of individual’s travel can run the gamut from vacation to attending to immense challenges they may be faced with.

The driver greeted us on the PA system, asked how all of us were doing – waiting for our responses, and then proceeded to tell us a little about San Diego and what we were passing by on our short journey.

In the silence that followed this everyone on the bus all of a sudden started hearing  oldies songs, like Moon River, that were whistled over the speaker system…..by our entertaining bus drive.  And she was good!

Following that she invited us to sing children’s songs that she probably sang with her grandchildren, and which most everyone on the bus had sung as a child.  We went the gamut from “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round & Round” to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and finally to “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” (with animal suggestions from her captive audience) .

Next on the agenda she challenged anyone who wanted to participate to say tongue twisters with her….and one man from New Zealand standing on the bus with a very large box took it on and succeeded with the most lovely accent!

At this point we were just about to our destination. As I looked around all of the passengers were smiling and connecting with each other.  The entire energy on the bus had changed.  We were connected and enjoying the few moments it took us to get to our destination, the stress of travel forgotten.

As everyone stepped down from the bus our driver handed us our luggage from where it was stowed with a huge smile.  I thanked her for such an entertaining and community connected trip with a shared connected smile.

This woman had engaged us in the short moments we were all together and created something extraordinary from a job and 11 minutes together that could have been quite ordinary simply getting us where we needed to be.

Enough was indeed a feast!

When we as women question whether we are good enough, or simply enough, we are caught in the entanglement of either cultures expectations, or our very own patterns and perfectionism.

What would it be like to simply let go of those expectations, a diagnosis, labels or identities –  and discover who we are as extraordinary, empowered and creative beings in our fullest expressions in any given ordinary moment?

Perhaps we shall find that in honoring our “being enough” it takes us from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Shake the World Sistah and create a feast!

Copyright Gaye Abbott, 9/8/19



Breathing Spaces

Life At Wolf Creek



The Yearning


Enough. These few words are enough. If not these words, this breath. If not this breath, this sitting here. This opening to the life we have refused again and again until now. Until now.David Whyte

Today I sat with two beautiful women friends and we leaped from one deep discussion to the next often with laughter and humility.  What kept breaking through every topic, whether it was about profession, creativity, men or patterns that seemed to have kept us stuck….was that deep yearning which we jointly decided every human on this planet has within.

The seemingly elusive “missing” piece to the puzzle that makes up our life.  Is it love, the Divine, the person or child that we wish to shower our love on and have it returned, being at the peak of our profession, or any number of things that we are chasing after.  Kahlil Gibran says, “And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course”. 

Is it not enough that we open to the life that we have this very moment and find within that moment a glimmer of the missing piece that will “complete us”.  In the very act of chasing after this piece we miss that it is always right here – beyond the “refusing” to open, the refusing that this may be the only breath that we will ever take, the refusing to deeply understand that only in this moment are we complete and that there is nothing else beyond it.

I, like you, have been caught up in this eternal chase powered by the deep yearning that resides within, something seemingly deliciously greater than life in the moment.   The inability to accept that this single moment is not, as our mind would tell us, lacking in anything at all.

Can we ever know for certain what will reveal itself in the next inhale and exhale?  We confront….and then we must surrender.  We create….. and then we must rest within that creation.

Simply opening to the life that has been refused again and again…..there rests the missing piece called yearning.  Coming home over and over and over…..

Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”Lao Tzu

A meditation in yearning, beauty, sensuality, and creativity…..


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Friendship Is Seizing The Moment Together!

This picture has now been placed up there on my list of favorites right along with the monks on the roller coaster!  Just having arrived back from a multifaceted trip to the San Francisco Bay area to see two of my 3 sons and celebrate the aliveness and beauty of my two grandchildren I am taken once again with the possibilities that are nested in each moment.

There are many moments that stand out for me on this trip and one of them reflects the C.S. Lewis quote above, as well as the nuns in total abandon saying YES to what they most certainly individually thought of, but may have been afraid to take action on alone.  Have you ever had a moment when you have a thought to do something “out of the box’, look at someone and just know that they are thinking the same thing? What could have been a pretty BIG leap for you alone just turned into an adventure shared by another.

The fact is that you also get double the pleasure, fun, and joy in seizing the moment together…… creating a bond that may be momentary….or may last a lifetime.

Before immersing myself in family during this trip, the ocean called me loud and strong!  Thus the day after I arrived was a day for breathing in salt air, walking at the waters edge, laying in the warm sand, simply being present to the sounds of the waves, and delighting in the spectacular day.  I can still feel the smile on my face as I walked down the so familiar beach at Salmon Creek feeling the exhilarating cold water on my legs. Visual memories flooded in.  There were so many times a Sunday group of women I had gathered together, called Babes In Wetsuits, would ride the top of waves screaming with joy while careening into shore.

Now you must understand that I was born and raised in San Diego and the beach to me was home.  The salt water my bathtub.  Keeping this in mind you will understand this little tale I will now tell you.  While reluctantly walking back along the shore to my car parked high up on the cliff side parking lot I lingered just a little longer in the surf as my feet sunk into the wet sand. Just before me was a woman that caught my attention because of the huge smile she had on her face.  This grown woman…it turns out Teresa from Salt Lake City, Utah…was gazing at the water running over her feet and the waves coming into shore with complete and utter joy.

I knew this feeling and was drawn to talk to her for a bit.  Starting the conversation with, “isn’t this all so beautiful?”, I learned very quickly that she was entranced by this watery and sunlit world.  Teresa spoke easily of her love for the ocean and the mountains and wished that she could have both, upon which I said that there are indeed places in the world where there are both in the same location.

Our love for this moment bonded us – complete strangers – into a connection that was wrought of falling totally into the moment together.  I told her of my Babes in Wetsuits group and she laughed.  In fact I said, ‘if I had my bathing suit on I would most likely go right into this water and dive in even though I would freeze my butt off!”  She looked over at me with a brilliant smile on her face and said – “I probably would too!”

We mutually agreed that life is way too short to hold back from stepping through the open door when opportunities are presented.  Although our legs were wet what both of us really wanted to do was dive right in.   In a way we did by communicating that with each other.  With a touch on a shoulder we went our separate ways enriched by the connection made in the salt water of the Pacific ocean.

If Teresa from Salt Lake City, Utah ever reads this post – please know that there is a playmate ready to dive right in.  You are not alone!


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