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Soul Musings/Day 17: Lit From Within


Holding the families, children that have died and yes the perpetrators in Peshawar in a space of peace as I light candles this morning on their behalf.

Feeling helpless to remedy terrorism leaves us bereft as we reflect on what we can do to shift the pain and suffering of all concerned and effective actions we can take to heal this wound in our world.

The women in the video link below – Strength Within – have taken a pledge to heal themselves and pass that healing and wholeness on to others who may need it.

It may be that taking action from a place of commitment to wholeness of Being changes the landscape of violence within and is then passed to others through awareness and practice of this self-love.

Everyone has the same need, even if deep inside, to be loved and accepted, happy and healthy. Where is the opening for someone who is lost in the violence of terrorism?

It is not simple.

Yet it starts with you….




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