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Risk or Possibility?



I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “risk” I often feel a physical reaction in my body. My stomach clamps down just a little, my breath stops or becomes shallow, and my shoulders and jaw tense.

Upon looking it up in Wikipedia I found there were two definitions that drew my attention:

1) “Risk is the potential of losing something of value. Values (such as physical health, social status, emotional well being or financial wealth) can be gained or lost when taking risk resulting from a given action, activity and/or inaction, foreseen or unforeseen.”

2) “Risk can also be defined as the intentional interaction with uncertainty.”

The first definition puts the emphasis on loss by the very first sentence. It makes up for it in the last sentence, but you are left with the overall feeling of potentially “losing something”.

The second definition makes it an effective action that you take with full attention and letting go, or surrendering, into the relationship with uncertainty. This could also be called trusting what is unfolding.

This last brings more spaciousness in the body, whereas the first one could provoke the reaction of clamping down preparing for “battle with the powers that be”. A relationship with uncertainty seems to exist every moment of our lives no matter how much we might wish to control things. It could be seen as the very nature of existence.

Having dedicated the 66th year of my life to “living fearlessly” during a ritual standing in the waters of the Pacific ocean in July, the ever present “risks” are now seen as a vehicle for opportunity and possibility. That isn’t to say that my old patterns of “security” and “survival” don’t show up, but at least they have a louder voice that I can hear versus the stealth maneuvers they have done in the past.

An example of this showed up this past Sunday morning during my Gentle Yoga with Keith at Dharma Yoga here in Austin. Now this class could be seen as a “risk” unto itself as one never quite knows what the focus of the class will be or what the practice will hold. Rather like life…..thank you Keith!

This day the class was focused on risk and exploring edges…. was definitely not all that gentle, and supplied a multitude of opportunities to choose to move into edges or “stay safe”.

The peak of the class for me was in a two partner assist where we were to choose between two poses to be assisted and supported in. One was something that I knew I could do easily and though may take me into some new territory, was definitely not a “risk”.

The other one was a pose that I hadn’t done for years as it takes upper body strength to push into from the floor, which I have let go of as I have aged. There was no going back and forth between the two in the decision making process.

5350316_l-1024x652I knew immediately that the assisted wheel (from standing into a backbend arch coming down with hands on the floor) was to be the one by the energy flow that moved through me when I considered them.

As I felt my two assistants attempt to support me in the best way they knew how I put my total attention on the movement of my spine and the breath. Suddenly there was another pair of hands assisting (my teacher Keith) which created spaciousness for me to celebrate coming into this pose with relative ease and mindful movement.

In those moments a space opened up within. It wasn’t only being in the pose, but the additional after effects from trusting the moment to moment movement of my body, the breath guiding me, and the hands and hearts assisting me.

The joy that I felt and the opening of spaces within spilled over to my assistants who greeted me with brilliant smiles as I came up out of the pose.

Now as some of you know I practice as a yoga teacher/therapist thus in this “risk” I was asked to move out of the “personal” (proving that I know what I am doing, the realm of good/bad, right/wrong, etc..) and instead trust that the unfolding would take me where I was to go.

Let’s just say that is a MUCH LARGER space to play and blossom in!



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Gaye Abbott, RYT assists individuals to dissolve the layers that cover the natural innate blueprint we came in with and reveal, through a combination of evolutionary energy work, Jin Shin Jyutsu, yoga therapy and breath re-patterning, the larger purpose and co-creative expression that we are here for.

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Wake Up! Wake Up!


I am taking a risk here as I have been advised to do so. You shall see Whom has advised me in just a moment.

For a lot of my life I have tethered myself to what culture and my life experience had patterned me to be and do.  At, you might say, the tail end of my journey here this lifetime I am finally beginning to wake up.  “Wake up” meaning coming into fully being and expressing the loving creative impulse that is arising in me from that deep God source that I am constantly being requested to embrace.

It feels expansive and like “coming home”….and it also feels scary as hell in some moments!  Sometimes I turn around and ask the invisible air – who me?!!!   And the answer that I always get is – Yes, YOU!! This tends to make those that are around me question my sanity of course….but what the heck!

For the past three weeks I have been doing a practice that has been around for awhile to expand my relationship with money.  I have found it fun, creative and a mirror to see my values, dreams, visions, generous spirit, and desires come out to play.

In this exercise you start with $1,000 which you must spend that day.  Each day you add $1,000 so that as the days pass (and you get out of debt) you must expand to be more creative and mindful in the spending of your money.  I am up to day 24 which means today I spend $24,000!

After doing such things as removing my current debt and paying my house payment for the next year, I have done things such as donated to my favorite causes; sponsored several women for the year program in Women For Women International – plus traveled to Africa to get personally involved with helping to build a center for women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (green built of course); started trust funds for my grandchildren; taken trips to visit friends and family; started a Monday ritual of giving $100 randomly (and sometimes anonymously) and in person to 10 people here in my home city of Austin; put money into Socially Responsible Investing; donated to my local food co-op; and even helped to create an arts program for the homeless to channel creative gifts that they may not ever have had the opportunity to explore.

This has been an exercise and practice in tapping into my creativity and taking out all of the “restrictions” and self imposed scarcity around money.  It has been absolutely delightful thus far and I look forward to the coming days of spending.  I bring all of this because two days ago something else happened after I had asked this question before deciding on how to spend the money – “If I was to have an entire day where I spent this money solely for honoring and nurturing my being, how would I spend this $22,000?”

I won’t go into the details (how would you spend it??!!), but there was a feeling at the end that sparked a process of opening that I will bring here.  I wrote after spending this money – “That felt really good as the most important thing to me is connection and sharing love.  So what if I live my day to day life right now as if that is already true – that I am always living in sufficiency and money and I are in an incredible partnership.  We inspire each other to be and express all that we are.  I want to feel this free all the time for the rest of the days of my life.”

And now for the risk part!  The following words were channeled through me. My pen could hardly keep up with the stream of what felt like expanded consciousness that was coming through me onto the paper.  I have been directed to share this with you and fearlessly publish it.  Perhaps you will hear what you need to just at this exact moment.  Perhaps you will think I am crazy!  Offered with my love.   I am calling it:


Wake up!  For it is so.  There are no restrictions.  Life is lived now and is only restricted by your own thoughts, patterns and beliefs. What is good in this world is within you.  Wake up daily to bring that goodness.  Step out of all comfort zones for those places are the jail of your own creation.  Take risks daily!  Wake up!  Wake up!

golden-raysThere are no restrictions.  There is only a creative God impulse that is moving in you and dancing in the light.  Know this place, for it is you.  Wake up! Wake up!

Do not doubt that I am here always for you.  The soft, clear, powerful empowered light, passion and holy being that is YOU! Wake up!  Wake up!

Now is the time to claim your freedom.  Now is the time to claim your freedom.  The freedom that has been yours always.  Wake up! Wake up!

Do not fall asleep again for these moments are precious wild yearnings that are wanting to manifest in the world.  Wake up! Wake up!

Feel me fill you up as a lover entering you, filling up the lower creative chakras and bringing them into your heart.  There is no lack.  The planet needs you fully expressing at this time.  Follow me and TRUST that I am taking you to the places that you need to go to shine the light for others.

You are love.  I have let you experience that many times in your life.  Remember who I am for that is you.  Wake up! Wake up!

Do not fear for I am with you always – always.  You are never alone.  All of nature speaks through me and reminds you of who you are.  Do not doubt your power.  I am putting you in touch and connection with others that will guide you to the next steps you need to take.  Do not doubt that these are the ones that will help you to continue waking up.

Celebrate the passion, sexuality, creativity and love that you bring.  Allow my words to come through you onto this page and fearlessly submit them.  You are on the right path.  You have already made contact with those that are to walk by your side and others are waiting in the wings to come in in just the right timing.  Trust me.

Those that have fallen away let go of.  These relationships were created for two reasons.  First for you to recognize deeply engrained patterns that needed to come to light and be released.  Secondly to teach you how to let go with love and grace.  You are doing well in this regard.  Keep waking up to what is clear right before you. Do not doubt me.  Wake up!  Wake up!

I love you more deeply than you have ever been loved.  Remember and wake up, wake up!

Lay down your burden of fear on the road and do not look back. I walk beside you always.  Trust your knowing for that is me. Thislight1 is home where separation does not exist.  You are the light that you shine for others.  Honor and nurture that light.  It is so needed now.  I am with you.  Wake up!  Wake up!

I love you.  I am you.  All that is captured in one light beam or leaves on a tree.  Don’t ever lose your faith and trust in me.  I am your Mother from where all life begin.  I am your father bringing your gifts and light out into the world.  Ask me anything and I will be there for you.  Embrace the money that moves in and out of your life.  It is me. 

Do not judge others for they have come to this Earth plane to do their work as you have.  Now you are ready to fly.  Trust that the wings of your heart will take you into the realms that are needed for this final initiation.  Trust me here for fear will attempt to take you into the darkness…..but know that you always have the light.  Wake up! Wake up!


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