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Don’t Forget The Magic

When we were children magic was a natural part of our everyday life.  We looked upon the world as an unending place of adventure, surprise, and magical moments if we grew up in a loving and caring family.  Not everything could be explained, but we knew without a doubt that it was somehow connected with us, and we were connected with it.

Sorenna Making Bubbles

Recently I found that I was to be a grandmother for the second time.  My sons partner Sophia had no idea that she was pregnant until my very connected and wise 3 year old granddaughter Sorenna told her one day as she was cuddled up with her – “Mommy, there is a baby inside of there (pointing to her belly), and it is my sister!”  Of course Sophia denied that, but Sorenna insisted.  Soon after that a positive pregnancy test revealed that Sorenna “knew” – she is connected!  Whether it is to be a sister or not is still in the unknown.

The point of this post is a reminder of the magic that is indeed all around us and the wisdom of interconnection and knowing that we all have deep within our cellular structures – our heart and souls.  Might it be a boring life indeed if this awareness was lost completely…..and it is NOW when we most need to remember the delight in the simple moments of interaction with life playing out around us and within us.

Here are a couple of videos that were passed on to me this week.  The first is showing some very magic bubbles – be certain to catch the small girls delight near the end of the video.  After viewing that one then sing along with Curtis Mayfield as he sings the great soulful gospel song “It’s All Right”!

As you go through your week find the magic moments and stay open to wonder.  Pass it on!

Giant Stinson Beach Bubbles

It’s All Right with Curtis MayfieldHave a good time!!


RESOURCE: Tilly Greenway & The Secrets of the Ancient Keys/Book 1: Watchers

Pure magic and brilliantly written for the times we find ourselves in now!

Come back to the remembering of a world where all was intimately interconnected with the natural world, and magic prevailed throughout the land.  Travel with 12 year old Tilly and 13 year old Zack in an adventure of a life time – an adventure that reminds us of who we are and how far away from that we have fallen to.  You won’t be able to put it down…I couldn’t!






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