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Living From Source

As adult women we sometimes realize in open, aware, and quiet moments that we have come far away from our Source – that remembering and living of the magnificent, loving, confident, wise, knowing, connected, and creative beings that we are.

When my 3 year old granddaughter Sorenna told her mother, “Mommy, there is a baby in there!” and her mother said “no honey there isn’t” having no idea that she was pregnant, Sorenna was coming from an innate knowing……a sense of the sacred energy of creation felt by those that are consciously connected and not distracted by the stimulus that daily pulls us away from our Source.

In fact, upon Sorenna’s insistence, her mother decided to get a pregnancy test, and guess what?  Yes, I will have a grandson in September, Sophia will be a mother again, Sorenna will have a brother, and my son will have his long awaited son.

Just today I watched a video (which is below) of one of the wise ones still connected to what is important in life.  I don’t know how old Sadie is, but I do feel that each of us should take what she says (and is!) to heart!

In addition, I have added a short video, put out by the Awesome Women Hub of women who are sharing what they feel the world needs next.  This could be you or me on this video…and I do believe that Sadie and Sorenna have a place there as well.

Remember who you are….live it daily…..and remind each other!!

Sadie tells us “Believe In Yourself”!

Awesome Women Hub Asks Women What The World Needs NEXT





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