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What You Are The World Is


“What you are the world is.  And without your transformation there can  be no transformation of the world. “ J. Krisnamurti

In the early days of my spiritual explorations, beginning many years ago now, I found Krishnamurti and many other philosophers who helped guide me along my path.

Then I dug deeper and found the places inside my feminine self that lived, breathed and embodied the interconnected way of being…….

……versus thinking about it.

All life expanding and gathering inside the Universe of our own body, heart and soul.

Aren’t we always undergoing alchemy – a transformation that is not a goal to reach, but an on going peeling away of the old skin of conditioned patterns that are ready to be shed over and over again.

Are we so stuck in limited human thought that we can’t wake up to the sound a hummingbird makes while sipping nectar from the vast inner dimensions of a purple flower?


Copyright Gaye Abbott, 10/20/19






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