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Simply Kindness – The Greatest Gift of All

As we come near the end of another year I am reflecting on the life moments that have given me the most joy.  What wins hands down is kindness.  Those acts of generosity of spirit and fulness of heart that we as humans are meant for.

The kindness can be doing small acts of giving that are completely unexpected as an overflow from the fullness that we feel in our own lives….or they can be simply being open to receive the offerings of others.

As I reflect on my year there are so many “kindness events” that I am filled to overflowing.  It would be so hard to choose just one particular exchange, but…..if I had to choose just one for “giving” and one for “receiving”, this is what I would say.

In giving I was inspired to assist a “disabled artist” to have a new found pride in his creative gift.  Click on the link here for that story (Learning How To Dance In The Rain) .  In receiving I opened to the gift of a home to stay in for 3 months when I relocated to Austin this July, given by a woman who has to be one of the most generous souls on this planet!

Now these two examples don’t stop at the act.  They continue on because everyone in the exchange is changed inside, never to quite be the same again.  An example of this is shown in the video below.  Kindness does indeed travel in a circle!

I invite you to make a list (write, sing, art piece, collage or silently to yourself) of all the times that you either gave or received kindness this year as a way to feel gratitude for the life you have been given in 2011.

For another resource for kindness please go to this website: www.helpothers.org and request free of charge “Smile Cards” – experiments in Anonymous Kindness.  TAG – You are it!

WEBSITE:  www.ResonanceWithLife.com




Self Inflicted Random Acts of Kindness and Generosity

This being the last post of the year I decided that I would send you to the post that is on BreathingSpaces (click here) with a little extra added on for women.

My experience as a woman is that women are experts at giving and relating…but receiving, or giving to themselves,  often isn’t quite as easy.  Along with the proposed New Year’s Commitment for 2011 I say let’s remember to perform random acts of kindness and generosity for, and directed towards, ourselves…and receive graciously with full openness and surrender.

How about that for a New Years Resolution?! Women Who Thrive, Change The World!

Joyous, Peaceful and Abundant 2011!!







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