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FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF DAY: A Prelude to Valentines Day

Sister, remember this:
:: you are completely and utterly loved.:: the intelligence that grows the leaves on the trees, is also moving you. Surrender.:: your body is a miracle. It breathes, it pumps, it digests and it moves. It is God in action. Just stop. Stop right now, being so violent towards it.:: the body is earth… awakeningwomen.com

Christine Arylo has declared 2/13 as International Falling In Love With Yourself Day.  What could be more appropriate than a focus on self love for women and girls the day before Valentines Day.

As each of us as women step up to the plate in our lives and bring courage, strength, wisdom, collaboration, listening, and our own uniquely wild creative expression and stories….. we become free.  In this stepping up however, we must embrace our wholeness, and love every single itty bitty part of ourselves – even those parts that we would rather hide under the rug or in the bushes some place! Not always easy…

So girlfriends come out and play today – and everyday that you possibly can!  Here is a video that reminds us why we are being called to action on the global, national, and community fronts of our lives.  It is when we say YES! to our unique dance in life, and fall in love with ourselves, that we are able to inspire other women to do the same while living our lives FREE.

This is ALWAYS an inside job.  When done with dedication and commitment you light up the world!  Join the Tribe.

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