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Keep The Channel Open


Miki Orihara in Martha Graham’s Embattled Garden

Miki Orihara in Martha Graham’s Embattled Garden


“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open.”
Martha Graham

My hand lifts to receive the pressure and direction of another’s hand. Waiting, perhaps only micro seconds, until the sensation in my body informs me of what movement is next, what action will unfold me towards the next stage of this journey.

There is no thinking here, simply deep listening and following the rhythm of the music, my partners energy, and sensations direction – unfolding effortlessly in tune with the operation of life now.

Is there language here? Yes. The conversations of my body. Absolutely trusting this language of biology to lead me into the next action, the next subtle or active movement.

A sensation triggers a thought which translates into motion all in a fraction of time so fast that it seems like nothing and eternity all rolled into one. Timeless.

Freedom through surrender to the flow of life. Our lives. Our expression.

This experience is one I have often on the ecstatic dance/contact improv dance floor. More often it is an experience I am having in everyday life – in relationships, livelihood/calling, collaborations, finances…..all the domains of life.

Certainly there are many places where blockage/resistance appears, yet the declaration to stay embodied, and operate from that space, supports return to a fluid passage through even the rough spots.

Having just finished a very powerful journey through the landscapes of nature in Tree Sister’s sponsored 6-week teleclass with Mary Reynolds Thompson, author of Reclaiming Your Wild Soul, I have been reminded of how precious and unique each woman’s uncensored expression is to the world…and to herself.

Unique as there is no other like it.

Precious because the world requires the gifts we have been uniquely structured to bring this lifetime.

And if we withhold, this wild untamed expression that can only be channeled through each one of us….will indeed be lost forever.

I for one have often held back and hid behind cultures background conversations that women were not supposed to show up in their “naked” expression. To even be “ashamed” of it….or worse lose their life for it.

Perhaps there were ancient lifetimes that laid down cellular memory with the innate danger of speaking out, moving to the rhythm of creative expression, or even standing tall or taking action on what is most important to us.

But now, now we are called to be midwives to the shift and transformation that is shaking this Earth we call home. Midwives to saying yes to opening the doors, windows – bodies and voices of our heart and soul.

11828629_10207381262549008_131282233859083123_nA time to crack open the cages we have placed ourselves in. To remove the bars to our self-imposed prisons. To collaborate, connect with and support other women in doing the same.

What we do with this most precious of expressions is up to us. How we shall bring it, or not, is a choice that each of us must sit with before taking action.

In that moment of reckoning when the soft dark cave of invisibility draws you ever deeper – listen to the sensations that are embodied in that moment and follow the energy that is calling you forth.

Leading with fear of dismemberment…..or choosing nourishment

for the soul’s calling?


Gaye Abbott, RYT




Coaching and Editing for Transformative and Visionary Writers

I help you reveal new possibilities in your creative work

Language is fundamental to who we are as biological beings and is the primary vehicle for taking action that produces effective results.   It inherently carries within it our identity in the world and the potential for connection and collaboration.

As an advanced practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu I am able to see and work with the connection between the body’s energy system and that of language. Conversations actually live in our bodies. Words hold energy that stimulate our biology in various ways.

Transformative writing opens spaces, triggers possibility and stimulates your reader to take effective action.

This is Language as Energy Medicine.

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Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Art rather than a technique.  An Art is a skilled, limitless creation whereas a technique is a mechanical application.

A session of Jin Shin can potentially harmonize, redirect, unblock and recharge the energy flows along the pathways of the body. Read More Here


Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy intimately works from the inside out to assist you in discovering areas in body, mind, emotions, spirit that may be contracting the essence  of your full potential in life.

A simple peeling away of layers to bring to light and life the beautiful structure of your unique being. Read More Here



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We Have Come To Be Danced!

Last Friday night my body was a mass of whirling limbs, undulating pelvis, and open hearted movement.  Where was I?  At one of my favorite movement pastimes.  You see I, like you, have several favorite movement practices….among them swimming, yoga, making love, and ecstatic dance/contact improv.  The latter is what I was involved in a few days ago.

What is so outrageously refreshing about ecstatic dance is just what the poem below by Jewel Mathieson (thank you to Kimberly Beroset!) suggests quite powerfully.  There are no boundaries or constraints to adhere to.  The dance movement comes from deep within and in the moment.  By yourself in a room full of dancing, whirling, cavorting people….or in direct energetic contact with one or more others.  It is like finding out who you are within each breath of limb, organ, skin, and fluids.  It is taking the time to explore what is desiring and demanding to emerge next…while taking the risk of fully inhabiting that movement, sound, dance, emotion, relationship with self and/or other.

I have written here before that women too often apologize for everything, even their very existence.  My remedy for this has been to suggest that every time a woman wants to say ” I’m sorry” (though there are truly times when that is appropriate) she should instead say “I’m so sexy!” – or at least think it…and stop the apologies in their tracks, never to emerge unconsciously again!

The poem below embodies all of what I am speaking to here and as I slip a piece of luscious dark chocolate into my mouth I say to you……We HAVE come to be danced!  Let us not forget that for even one single moment!  See you on the dance floor of life!!



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