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Manifesto for Conscious Men

Facebook is a multifaceted animal these days.  You can get lost in the endless postings that come through your home page, or in many cases can connect with like minded souls that inspire and create greater awareness, shifts, laughter, joy and community.  It was this latter path that took me to Gay Hendricks page on A Manifesto for Conscious Men. He and Arjuna Ardajh have co-created this together ( as well as inspired by the presence of conscious women in their lives) and are asking for feedback and suggestions.  I invite you to go to the link below and tell them what you think and feel after reading the “Manifesto”.  There are great comments on the page already!  Click here for the link and bring your voice!

As the principle of interconnectedness, inseparability, and union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine provides us with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole of creation,  it is time to come together in collaborative partnership.  The tasks before us as men and women, males and females, are huge indeed.  Perhaps it is these very tasks that are co-creating the alignment that is being asked for between us.

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For Those With Ears to Hear, Let Them Hear It

I offer this video as an expression of the creative soul that is in all of us.  I know nothing more at this writing of Angelica, but will certainly explore more of her work.  It is within each of us that we hold amazing gifts to bring clearly, and without holding back, into this world –  especially as women.  Perhaps in my recent reading of The Book of Love by Kathleen McGowan, my perception is colored – but deeply and truthfully so.  Stories, no matter whether they resonate with our present knowing or not, can bring shifts in thinking, shake us up, delight us, or reaffirm our own Truth.   They always have the potential to open our hearts. “For those with ears to hear, let them hear it”.

It is in “coming as we are” in all of our glory, power and wildness that the masculine principles shift, joining us with their gifts.  Watching this video with tears streaming down my face at the beauty, grace, and expansiveness of Angelica’s singing I watched the men behind her.  It is LOVE and our soul’s creative expression that will light the lives of others that may be struggling in this moment.  How could anyone not feel the heart of what she is bringing?  How can anyone not have a smile break across their face?  How can anyone check their watch during this offering, instead of being enraptured with what is right before them in this moment?

What is your part in all of this?

Gaye Abbott

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