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The “Divine Shove”

Standing in the group shower of my gym today after a weight training session, I almost lost all sense of propriety as I imagined all 4 other women and myself breaking out in a gospel song with harmonizing and all, stark naked, shampoo in our hair, and sounding like angels from heaven – well, soulful, grounded angels that is!  Our name, of course, would be Divine Soulful Naked Babes.

It is this kind of imaginative play that seems to be striking my fancy quite often these days.  Why, one might ask?  I do believe that when a person realizes that she/he is the direct creator of their life, a freedom of sorts comes in that enhances the innate imagination and dreaming potential.  This potential doesn’t seem to have an off and on switch – let’s just say you can’t control it!  Thank God!

Also in these times of direct conscious creation we can be given what I call a “Divine Shove”.  This very sacred and creative push is directly powered by, and on behalf of, YOU expressing fully in the world.  This is in place of hanging out in resistance and the illusions of fear and doubt which some might call  “stuck” or “paralyzed”.  I call it opportunity beckoning.

When this “Shove” comes it is like a death of sorts where we step out of our old ways of creating (patterns and limiting beliefs) directly into “coming as you really are”.  I have written about this before, but now it has an additional depth to it that may call to what you may be up against in your own life. Connecting with a friend of mine in Ireland I explained it is like riding in a roller coaster – which I really don’t like thank you very much – and realizing that the only thing you can do is put your hands in the air and yell a little (or a lot) and let go!

This transition time may seem like living in two worlds – and you might wonder if a bit of schizophrenia is taking hold.  Here is an example.  I thrive in the worlds of writing and creation, as well as motivating and empowering.  I also work in a scientific world where everything must be exact – no room for error – rigid.  My “Divine Shove” this week came within the medical world, which for a long time now has not been in alignment with my heart, soul, or desires.  This “Shove” came in the disguise of “corrective action” for not living up to set standards by a technical error that I made.  No details are necessary here, but let’s just say that the system that meted out this “punishment”, which is “you will be terminated if you do it again”, was the push that I needed to co-create my life in alignment with my passions.  This had already been initiated, but a speeding up process was definitely under way!

Now, one could be a victim of circumstances that happen, or one can take the immense gifts of this “Divine Shove” and run with it knowing full well that you are the Master Creator.  I took the latter choice, but not without some moments of panic I must admit.  Coming home from that day at work, however,  I decided to positively brain storm about everything that I love to do and which can provide a flow of income for me.  Every possible idea that I could think of was written down.  Thoughts were not on the “corrective action” but were on stepping out into my creativity and aliveness.  I went to sleep that night filled with possibility.

Now,  I would like to say that there was no repercussion from what happened at my day job, but there is, and that is part of the gift.  I get to watch myself feel doubt in my abilities where before I never even thought about my competency and skill in this area.  How to work with this until I can move completely into the life of my dreams and vision is a task that is directly in front of me.  On the other hand the same day that the “corrective action” took place I came home to find that I was sent the draft of a book to “take a look at and see what I thought”.  This turns out to be a possibility to co-create with someone I greatly admire.

Are you ready for a “Divine Shove”?  Just remember it has many disguises.  I am beginning to love roller coaster rides!

Gaye Abbott     

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  1. Gaye, Thank you for writing this! It has taken over a year for me to regain some form of equilibrium after a devastating “divine shove” that I, in the midst of already severe depression, chose to see as a loss and not an opportunity. I am finally starting to look around me and develop my dreams and passions, but hadn’t really been able to look at that door that slammed in my face as a possible blessing by releasing me from a toxic environment. I am looking forward to hearing more about how you handle this “shove” in all it’s forms.

    • Thank you Sulwyn for bringing your voice and your story here! It has touched me deeply….and yes, I will be bringing more of me to these pages as the creation unfolds itself. Let this be an invitation for others to share their journey as well.

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