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“…..This is my true religion; arbitrary moments of nearly painful happiness for a life I feel privileged to lead.  Think of the way you sometimes see a tiny shaft of sunlight burst through a gap between rocks, the way it then expands to illuminate a much larger space – it’s like that.  And it’s like quilting, a thread surfacing and then disappearing into the fabric of ordinary days.  It’s not always visible but it’s what holds everything together.”  From The Art of Mending,by Elizabeth Berg, page 148

I was taken by these few sentences in the novel I just finished reading.  As the summer stretches out before us it gives us time to consider those “arbitrary moments of nearly painful happiness” where we are touched deeply and often irrevocably changed.  These moments are within everything that we do, even those seemingly endless tasks that we set before us.

Isn’t it these experiences that wake us up……. pausing to take a  breath and simply becoming quiet enough to appreciate the moments of pure art, magic and beauty that pour themselves in and through our lives every single day.

What would you miss if you weren’t here?   Transformational coach Cheryl Richardson lists a few of her things below.

…..”I thought about the little things that bring me joy that I’d miss – the things that often go unnamed as important.  Things like a bird’s nest under construction that captures my attention each morning while I enjoy a cup of tea.  The way my cat Poupon covers his eyes with his paw when he naps, making me smile every time, regardless of how many times I see him do it.  Or, trees billowing in my backyard like soft sheets on a clothesline when a strong breeze blows.  And, of course, the beautiful, nuanced moments that occur when I connect with others. ” Cheryl Richardson

Now is the time to pay attention….sometimes they sneak up on you when you are least expecting it!  Embrace….they are woven into the fabric of your life…

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