Women Who Thrive, Change The World!

This last Friday I was privileged to watch “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”.   There are many reasons why I found this film delightful, but one of them was that these older actors and actresses were not changed to look younger than their years.  Instead there were lines on faces and bodies that showed age and a life lived.  Each person was a character study in where life had taken them up until the moment that they all found themselves together at the Magnolia Hotel….and by the end of the movie each person had come full circle into acceptance of who they were whether it was by death or by taking a good hard in the face look at life and what they wanted now.

The video below shows Cheryl -Ann Webster and what she is doing to open women and men’s minds to the acceptance of themselves just as they are.  Her Beautiful Women project focuses on what is natural and beautiful in this world versus a socially created image which is unattainable for most people.  She has found that 80% of women, when asked, would change several things about their bodies and appearance if they could and 50% of men.  Are you one of those 80%.  I know that I have been. Cheryl-Ann reminds us that body image is NOT black and white.

Aging, if done gracefully, brings us the wisdom to accept the changes that are inevitable.  It is almost a relief not to feel compelled to mold ourselves into a socially acceptable rendition of what society feels we should look and be like.  The characters in the Marigold Hotel movie are simply being themselves and at times struggling with the fact that they have aged.  Yet in the end, there is a celebration of the natural beauty and wisdom that has been seasoned over the years, and a deeper self acceptance and knowing.

When is it time to accept our bodies and our own natural beauty?  How about now….




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Comments on: "Celebrating Natural Beauty" (3)

  1. Loved this movie for the same reasons you give too Gaye. It’s r e a l…..
    Tx for introducing me to Chery-All Webster’s ‘Beautiful Women Project’ – love and totally relate to the importance of what she is doing – helping women (and men) to love who they are naturally.

  2. ankyaphotography said:

    Loved “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” Gaye, for the same reasons as you..Its SO r e a l about life and being human. Tx for introducing me to Cheryl-Ann Webster’s Beautiful Women Project too. Great to see what she is doing to help women (and men) simply love themselves for who they are naturally 🙂

    • When it comes right down to it isn’t that why we have these amazing bodies, hearts and spirits….to do just that! So wonderful getting older and finally, finally getting it! Love to you!!!!

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