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Make A Way For Yourself

Photo by Marisue Mullins


Make a way for yourself inside yourself. Stop looking in the other way of looking.

~ Rumi

Sometimes we are enveloped in darkness and shadows and can’t see clearly enough to find our way back on the path.  A woman often thinks that once she gets older (and wiser presumably!) that her path will be well lit always.  That may not be the case however.

Yesterday Austin had powerful and passionate weather.  I had my first taste of hail the size of – well no, not golfballs, but about half that size anyway.  My patio was filled with these white orbs from the sky.  One minute I was engrossed in a book that I was reading and the next thing I know thunder rocks the house.  Soon following that the hail started and it was the most amazing thing as the temperatures here have been in the high 70’s and up through the 80’s.  How is it possible to have hail with such warm temperatures?  I know there is a scientific explanation for all of this, but sometimes we just have to admit that it just is and marvel at the diversity of it all!

After this great storm (in which tornadoes touched down in other parts of Texas!) it was like it never even happened.  The sun was uncovered and light came streaming in.  The picture above represents one single stream of light amidst the gloaming after the storm shining on the Buddha statue.  Notice the shadows as well.

These are the areas that are not clear to us as we walk along our unique paths.  What possibilities lay in the shadows and in the storms of life??  Arising from the inside.  Listen.




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