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Live Your Life Wide Open!

How many of us as women are bold enough to trust our expression and put out to the world  with passion our “body of work” as artistic (whatever form that takes for you), creative beings with immense potential?

I don’t just mean those of you among us who call themselves “artists” and make it their livelihood, or are seriously committed to artistic expression.  I mean all of us!

A week ago now I was blessed to have lunch with 5 “livelihood artists” who are each uniquely expressing out into the world what it is that comes through them.  They have consciously chosen to share themselves embodied in the artistic expression of how they see and experience the world.

It was a blessing for me to be around them for many reasons.   As I gazed around the table at the expressions on their faces, the clothes and jewelry that they wore, and heard the lively conversations I realized once again that the opportunity for expression of “art” is interwoven in every moment of our lives.

In Bali, Indonesia there is no word for art because it simply  is innately a part of living for the Balinese.  They grow up singing, dancing, painting, carving, writing stories, drawing, weaving, and so many other forms of expressing.  After being with the Balinese for a couple of weeks a few years ago it struck me that expressing ourselves in unique and artistic ways is truly a necessary part of embodying ourselves as a whole and evolving human being.

On that note please take some moments to view this video that was sent to me by one of those beautiful artists.  Thank you to Patricia Lyle in my new home of Austin, Texas for you inspiration and your new friendship! http://www.PatriciaLyle.com  (she is the woman  sitting next to me on the right)

Take time to produce a body of work that says, “this is how I saw the world”.  Live with your life wide open!!




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