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The Slippery Slope

She Is Reborn!

SHE IS BACK! Inspiration to bring back WildlyFreeWoman has actually come from a most creatively inspired woman by the name of Marilyn Patterson. Marilyn lives in South Africa and was someone that found her way to WFW, and me, when it was a full blown support and promotional site for women 50 and beyond.  If you click on the link above you will find a website that is “under construction” – but keep this one on file for you will be astounded by Marilyn’s artwork, poetry, and stories when she brings it up online.   Her new book, Wrapped In Sunrise, will be promoted here on this site.  So….here is publicly expressed gratitude to Marilyn for her courageousness in persevering so that we can receive her full on heart and soul centered creative expression, and for reminding me that I do indeed continue to have a passion for women collaborating and connecting with other women so that all may thrive.   Now we have a forum to do it!

I am on the precipice of awareness.  Have you ever been there?  It is a place of deeply knowing how your patterns have sabotaged your full expression up to this point in time, and having an idea of just how ingrained they are.  This is counterbalanced with the new awareness of what will nourish, nurture and give God speed to your creative fulness in whatever endeavor you are presently involved in…or about to be involved in.

Up to this point in time I have had a pattern called “Other”.  This is one which a lot of women (and some men too) take on their entire lives, and because of this pattern never quite being accountable to share with the world the richness and fullness of what is inside.  “Other” has us taking care of, promoting, doing the work for, supporting, helping others at the expense of ourselves.  It has us putting the attention on everyone and everything else except us and what our secret dreams and creative visions are.  It has us always busy “on someone else’s behalf”.

Now, I am not saying that giving or putting the attention on others is a bad thing unto itself, but here is the slippery slope part.  I have discovered that it has taken the attention off of me for a good reason. There were fears of being “too big” out in the world that were just too terrifying to engage.  The “what if’s” sabotaged me every single time and the energy that co-opted my creative soul came in first place every time.  Don’t get me wrong, no victim here!  It was just what I did until just recently.   As I have been working on “wealth enhancement” I have realized that I have been “running on empty” for years.  Julia Cameron speaks to this in her book, Walking in the World.  In giving to oursleves first – which can come in many forms such as setting boundaries, creating solitude time, feeding our bodies nourishing food, getting out in nature, exercising, getting a massage, setting aside creative time, etc. – we are full (my wealth) and certain that our expression out into the world is able to bring more life for others – giving us all more life!

Now when I promote people I do it out of love, when I write it is for God/Creative Spirit and me, and when I am inspired – and become more aware – I take it in deeply and then give back in a way that inspires and motivates others.

So, for this my first post rebirthing WildlyFreeWoman, I invite each of you to be part of this community and share with us as you travel the path of the slippery slope.  It is good to be back!

Women Who Thrive, Change the World!

Gaye Abbott
A WildlyFreeWoman

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Comments on: "The Slippery Slope" (2)

  1. Bless you, Gaye!! Thank YOU for your courage and the wonderful inspiration that you are! Your ‘hand-full-of-blueberries’ photo has inspired me to hold the preciousness of my being and the preciousness of all beings, with the same gentleness and reverence and joy that you are holding the blueberries! Love and laughs, Marilyn

    • Gaye Abbott, RYTNatural Passages Consulting and WildlyFreeWomanCo-Creating Healthy Body, Mind, Heart, and Planet….                                                                   One Breath At A TimeYOU Marilyn represent exactly why I have been drawn to rebirth WildlyFreeWoman!  We are all precious beings….and this site is a way for each one of us to remind each other of just that.  Thank you for your Presence in my life!  Love!  Gayewww.BreathingSpaces.netP.O. Box 83Philomath, OR  97370802-318-6296

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