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What Is A Goddess?

Sandro Botticelli has been wandering in and out of my life these days…an artist who infused his art pieces so that when viewing them they were not just seen with the eyes, but with all of the senses.  I believe that he had a very deep feel for the Divine and Sacred Feminine through his devotion to honoring the beauty, wisdom, creativity, and intelligence of the feminine in a time when women were seen more as possessions and pawns in the games of men.

Coming on the heels of the last post here I venture into the territory of “What is a Goddess?”  Not the New Age version…but truly, deeply what is that for you?  The word CREATOR comes to my awareness.  As women we create from our bodies, connected with

Primivara by Boticelli

the Earth and all of its creations.  Even if we have never birthed children we are creators of the life around us in a different way than men.  It is our birthright to create and to give to others within that energetic relationship.  How we do that is unique to each woman.

Here is a video that gives us some amazing images and words that may clarify for you the meanings behind the word Goddess.  The music by Enigma lends to the journey.  May you celebrate the multitude of expressions that are you.

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