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A Dance To Behold

_the-repression-of-the-feminine-has-led-to-a-planet-on-the-edge-of-collapse-the-re-emergence-is-going-to-be-a-dance-to-behold-_-clare-dakintree-sisters-1Artwork by Josephine Wall Surrealism Painting

Moist with sweat and a smile of complete joy radiating on so many faces I joined the ecstatic dance community this morning in Nevada City, California to celebrate the deep feminine rising.

Yesterday saw 1,000’s of women (and men) marching through the streets of their cities and towns across the globe. The posts on Facebook revealed the empowerment within women’s expression on behalf of equality, dignity, justice, compassion and love. 

The connection and energy that was generated swept the planet.

Even I, who was in deep meditation and prayer – holding the space for those that were marching – felt the rising and embodiment of something that has been pulsing under the surface for awhile now. 

We must take a look at the unfolding here.  Would this have happened in just such a way if the catalyst of Donald Trump being elected President of the U.S. was not present? 

Perhaps.  Yet trusting the unfolding versus living in fear is something to consider.    

The journey we are all on right now, at this pivotal turning point in our human and planetary history, is meant to bring the dark into the light to be seen more clearly, to face the challenges head on, and for effective collaborative action to be taken.  

The bubbles that some of us have been hidden in are broken wide open…. and there is nowhere to hide. We are not alone.

We are moving beyond our own limited self interest to embody the deep interconnection that holds all 7 billion humans on this planet.  To take action in sisterhood and brotherhood. To become deeply rooted and collaborative with the natural world – the Earth – that sustains our very being. 

What happens next?  Continuing to wake up and connect.  And within that waking up finding the dance steps that match our soul’s purpose here.  Joining others that would welcome us in as the missing piece that they have been looking for.

Any rigidity that we hold must soften.  For hidden in the rigid, frozen, unsustainable and repetitive breath holding patterns that so often hold us in their grip is a new way of being. 

A way of being that like ecstatic dance releases our fullest expression and potential – our joy in connection, collaboration and solidarity.  A fertile landscape for the change that is being called for.

There can be no sustainable strength for the many tasks before us if there is tension and fear keeping us prisoner.  There is literally no breath – no life – in those spaces. 

Yearning for freedom to dance as if no one was watching…. and as if everyone is watching. 

These next steps we take as women, and with the men that join us, must come from the fullest breath possible. Acknowledging the challenges before us and being willing to fall on our faces if must be.  No longer quiet. 

Expressing with powerful dignity…. and vast compassion and love that holds each being we touch as ourselves.


Gaye Abbott




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Comments on: "A Dance To Behold" (2)

  1. Powerful and beautifully written post, Gaye! No longer quiet. Expressing with powerful dignity…. and vast compassion and love…Yes! Thank you dear Sister!

  2. Gaye,

    This is so beautiful.



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