After reading this recent post below by Tree Sisters, I simply had to post it here for all women globally.  For those of you that may have forgotten how connected we are with the natural world, and for those of you that remember….. how important for vital health, creativity and foundational aliveness it is to allow nature to coach us back into our beautiful, luscious bodies and alignment with Earth’s frequency…..Enjoy!

Nature’s 4 Keys To A More Productive You

by Tree Sisters

Women are hardwired to be natural multitaskers, connectors, and communicators. Technology has amped that up in spades. We can now blog, tweet, text, and Facebook our friends, family, and business colleagues day and night. We can discreetly answer our emails while our date goes to the restroom and attend a business conference on-line while still driving to work.

Women should be thriving with all of this multitasking, 24/7 communicating, global connecting that technology has made possible. And yet the truth is, if you ask many women how they are, they will tell you that they are too busy, often overwhelmed, depressed for no reason, and tired to the bone; and yet still not getting enough done in the hours of the day.

I propose the opposite is true.

We are doing too much in too short of a time frame, and in the process, we have forgotten our natural self in whose hands are the keys to a truly productive life. Our natural self is the part of us that is plugged into the life coaching wisdom found for free in Nature. If we truly want to be more productive there are four keys that unlock the secrets of our natural self.

Key #1: Connecting Our Modern Brain to the Ancient Earth

Science can now measure the frequency of our brainwaves as well as the frequency of the Earth. It isn’t surprising to know our brains are inherently linked to the Earth; if we know how to cultivate the natural self and consciously align ourselves with Nature.

Here’s the techy bit: Earth has an electromagnetic field can be measured at a frequency of 7.83Hz. Humans brainwaves are also measured by their frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Our fast paced technological world keeps us constantly buzzing at the Beta level (14-40Hz), more than twice the Earth’s frequency. No wonder women are in a state of overwhelm, fatigue, anxiety, and urgency.

Alpha ~ The doorway to possibility
When we consciously begin to relax and rest, our brainwaves drop to Alpha (8-14Hz), making restoration and rejuvenation become possible for the body, mind, and soul. We become:

~alert and focused
~more able to drop into a meditative state
~open to inspiration, creativity, and possibility-thinking.
~more able to innovate and problem solve

If women spent more time in Alpha, we would find ourselves burgeoning with the kind of insights, wisdom, and vision that are the foundation of inspired productivity. We would slow down and yet accomplish more because we are focused on the truly important and are in a
psychic space in which we can naturally create paradigm shifts

Theta ~ The Magic Key
However, the first key to a more inspired and productive self – and the real magic – happens at the next level, the Theta brainwave frequency, which functions at 4-8Hz.

This is total alignment with Earth’s frequency and is a gateway to the natural self. This meditative dimension gives us entry into the kind of deep knowing, intuition, and connection that all the technology, texting, googling, and digital speed in the world cannot provide us.

Key #2: Cultivating Natural Presence

But how do we consciously align with Nature’s productive brilliance? The second key to inspired productivity is consciously reconnecting with our natural self through our six senses.

Being present moment enough to know what you are seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, touching and sensing all around you is the gateway to the Theta brainwave state. As you experience the present moment and focus on your sensory experience, the monkey mind begins to slow down,

Actively experiencing our senses in Nature (be it in a city park, sitting under a tree in our backyard, or looking at a bush through our window) grounds us in our Natural Presence and serves as the gateway through which we walk when we decide to let Nature’s wisdom be our personal life coach.

Key #3: Inhabiting Our Natural Bodies

To receive the full benefits of Nature’s life coaching, we have to not only slow our brainwaves but we have to get into bodies as well. The modern world is so focused on the logistical, data driven brain and on technology as productivity that we can forget for hours that we even have a body.

Perhaps women are tired, anxious, disconnected, and depressed not because we have too much to do and not enough time, but because we do not listen to or inhabit our gorgeous earthy bodies nearly enough of the time. Our bodies inherently know how to alchemize our daily mental and emotional stress and create work/life balance.

The modern woman’s definition of “self-care” is often the exact opposite. We push tired bodies to do ten more minutes on the treadmill so that we can fit in a dress one size too small. We crush and tuck and smooth out our curves in hopes of seeing the ideal career woman or young mother reflection in the mirror.

Time in nature can coax us back into the forgotten the sensual joy of being a woman in a woman’s body.

Key #4: Follow Our Natural Attractions

When was the last time you followed your joy, stalked your bliss, or went out into Nature to find out more about your authentic self?

Women are Nature. Our wombs are sacred vessels that contain the four seasons and the lunar cycles of the Moon. We are hardwired to connect with Earth and to listen to the life coaching wisdom found only in Nature.

By following our natural attractions, Nature coaches us in how to stop doing what makes us feel bad, start doing things that bring us joy, and commit to a work/life balance that brings vitality and wholeness to ourselves, our careers, and to those whom we love.

Nature’s Life Coaching Approach

Nature never forces growth or transformation. Only humans do. In Nature, growth and transformation naturally emerge because ecosystems are in right alignment with themselves. If only we women would allow ourselves the same soul-centric unfurling of our natural selves.

Nature’s life coaching approach says we can. It begins with slowing down and going deeper into soul-centric terrain where we will find the tracks of our more wild and lush selves left behind in the modern world. It begins with doing less rather than more; trusting that Nature’s life coaching will show us how to be more inspired and more productive because we have tapped into the power of our natural selves and a natural rhythm of life.

Sisters, it’s time to come home to our natural selves…
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