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Pivotal Point Mentoring

Are you a woman of mid-life and beyond entering what feels like a pivotal point in your life?  By this I mean a sense of powerful change about to happen which you would like to be the creator of – and not have it happen “to you”.  This is a rich time to leave old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you behind.  And guess what?  You already have everything it takes to make this shift and thrive within it,  even if there is a bit of rocky territory here and there.

Sometimes, if you are like me, you would love to have someone to guide a bit, suggest resources, and serve as catalyst for the change that is birthing itself into your life.  Pivotal Point is a mentoring service through which I help guide you to act on your instincts, your heart, and intuition, creating a working plan for building your life around the things that inspire and excite you the most – building bridges between the fullness of  YOU and the Divine Design of your life.

Who am I? Well, that is a challenge to answer as I am still finding parts of myself to express in life.  What I am not is a person with labels.  This means I am not a Certified Coach, Psychotherapist, M.D., Ph.D, M.A., etc.

I have lived in the worlds and practices of mother of 3 boys; partner to 2 husbands and other significant men that have graced me with their presence; nursing/medical assisting as a profession for over 25 years off and on; massage therapy/energy work/rebirthing for 16 years;  yoga therapy/teaching for over 15 years now; published writer; facilitator and creator of women’s retreats, and workshops on the breath; creator of women’s groups and yoga based series for women who have had breast cancer,  women’s trauma centers, and at-risk teenage girls; aspiring artist; conscious entrepreneur of 3 businesses; adventurer and world traveler; intuitive guide; and now expanding into elder-hood at age 65 with a tad of wisdom gathered along the way and a whole lot of passion on board!

What I can provide to you is a reflection of the intuitive, creative, clear path that your soul is asking you to take.  Sometimes it is good to have someone “hold your hand” while you step past the fears and into your birthright….or perhaps give you a very loving, very slight PUSH in the direction you were moving into anyway.

Who Are You? :  You are someone who has done some inner work.  You are ready for the change/shift that is holding you somewhat of a captive right now and someone who is willing to look at the scarcity stories that have held you in small boxes for so long.  You are ready to rewrite these stories and accept and embody your wholeness while doing so.  You are someone who can receive, and you are ready to once again learn how to trust your intuition, the guidance of your heart, and instincts fully.

What Others are Saying About Gaye Abbott:

*“Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration.  The freedom with which you share your joy continues to build my jittery and elusive courage.  Thank you for the soulful connection and enthusiasm – it is people like you who inspire others towards a greater, more heart filled life expression.”  Marilyn Patterson, South Africa, www.lifecreatinglife.com

“I met Gaye at a conference in Bali, Indonesia in 2006 and immediately recognized her as a gentle yet fiercely powerful woman in possession of herself.  Our friendship has been blossoming ever since we met and I am inspired by the strength of her unwavering commitment to help women achieve their dreams and fulfill their potential.  She is full of juicy, creative passion.  What’s more, her support is always “right on”and filled with soulful empowering wisdom.” Isabelle St-Jean, Vancouver, Canada  www.inspiredmomentum.com

“Gaye You Rock ! Love what you are doing with Natural Passages.  Your writing is GREAT…bold, direct, true, insightful and very inspiring.  Thank you for being YOU.  – Ankya Klay, Australia    www.ankya.com

“You were a hit!  You are a hit and you will be wherever you take your dynamic energy and radiant spirit”.
Jean, Yoga student, Northern California

“One of your best gifts to me was and is the knowledge you taught in “Breathing 101″.
It continues to help sustain me.
Pure MAGIC!!!  Tracy Morera, Middlebury, Vermont

Thank you for being such a thoughtful and compassionate teacher.  My year with yoga has taught me a great deal about myself – about my possibilities, my humanness, my sense of self in space.  It has also allowed me to find center and peace.” – Pat, Santa Rosa, California

Her energy is fluid,  flowing, creative and compassionate.  Her teaching is for the Whole Self – body, heart, mind and soul.  Her intuitive “sensing into” and being in the moment provides an environment that supports everyone… – Karri Ingerson, Middlebury, Vermont

You may not realize how many people are receiving your message at the exact right time in their life.  I just experienced a very disappointing Valentine “Holiday” with my spouse of 25 years.  I am looking at some big life changes and realized all week long my breathing has been shallow, due to fear.  I have cried and sobbed, but I want to be strong.  Your message reminded me of the power we all have within us…with just our breath.  Nobody can take that away from us.” – Lucy, Georgia/USA

You are amazing, Gaye. You have helped me, you have inspired me, and you have been so kind.  And I know that all that you have done for me, you do for so many other people in this world.  You change the world.  I love you…”  Emily Gibbs, Burlington, Vermont

Gaye opened the door for me to a new way of looking at and experiencing life.”  – Barbara MacKenzie, Rohnert Park, California

Your yoga class has been an important part of my recovery and healing process – physically and spiritually.  I appreciate your gentle, caring, and compassionate manner.  The laughter and sharing; the encouragement and allowing of each of us to progressing at our own state – not pushing, always supporting – has been invaluable.”  Melissa, Sebastopol, California

That wonderful weekend helped me see the mental and somewhat physical straight jacket I live in….  Maybe I can learn to be a participant instead of a safe observer.”  – Pam, San Francisco, California


If you are interested in these services please contact me at:

Gaye Abbott, RYT, Catalyst/Guide/Creative Mentor  JoyfulGaye@NaturalPassages.com or 802-318-6296

There will be a 15 minute free interview call, by phone or  Skype, to connect and assess, on both of our parts, whether we agree that what Pivotal Point Mentoring has to offer is what you desire at this particular time.  This type of mentoring is usually brief (in other words does not take months or years!), to the point, and gets you moving quickly.  Each person will be individual in the amount of time they will need.  Fees will be discussed at the time of the interview call, but will be fluid and mutually decided on based on the value you place on the work that you wish to do.

Thank you for your consideration…and your courage in saying YES to the Divine Design of your life and creative yearnings!

Let the beauty we love be what we do”.  – Rumi


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